What if your vehicle is broken now?

    Waiting for help?
    Call the 4S directly?

    Diagnose with NexzDas Lite to know the reason!

                           What is the NexzDas Lite?

    NEXZDAS Lite is a new comprehensive vehicles
    diagnosis tool,covering 80+brands car in 2019.
    With APP+VCI modality
    by your smartphone
    via the Bluetooth to
    diagnosis full system.

     What is the difference between the traditional diagnostic tools?

    Too more wire to connect.

    Computer price is too high.

      iPad is not portable.


           What is the priority of  the NexzDas Lite?

             Special design

        Convenient usage

         Quick diagnosis

      Full cars coverage

    No tools required to install,

    no more wire to connnect,

    an anti-drop and dust-proof diagnosis tool insures a long life usage.

    Easily to download the software on the Google play. One key to update on your smartphone. 

    APP+VCI modality with the Android system smartphone.

    A few minutes can diagnosis the all car system.Read and clear all codes,you can share the report to repair.

    80+brands car coverage including America,Europe,

    Asian,Chinese and Australian cars.One tool can diagnosis your whole family cars.

    How to quickly diagnose your car?

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