Face Mask

Seriously, wear a face mask for your safety! You never know who is infected until he showed coronavirus symptoms, but it's too late to protect yourself. Wearing a face mask could help you stop the respiratory droplets from anyone who may be infected.

Cleaning & Disinfection

Disinfecting supplies for hands washing and to kill potential coronavirus, such as alcohol disinfectant´╝îhand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, antibacterial soaps, etc

UVC Disinfection Equipment
Protective Gloves &Thermometer
Protective Glasses & Suit

The novel coronavirus outbreak is a respiratory illness that has been killing more than tho usands of people and infecting more than eighty thousands of worldwilde up to 2nd of March. 

How dangerous is this coronavirus? 

Different from other coronaviruses, this novel corona virus is infectious from human to human, it can be transmitted while an infected person still isn't showing any symptoms. 

Here are coronavirus supplies you will need to prepare for coronavirus. Protect yourself against COVID-19 disease.